3rd – 7th July 2015

Be Yourself and Live Your Dream


Summer meeting for all those lovely people, who don’t want to just survive life, but to live with passion.

Do you know the moments when you feel like dancing and singing? The moments when you are bursting with passion, love and joy, and the whole world is just amazing and lying at your feet? The moments when you are full of love and filled with happiness? The moments of being in love with Life? How nourishing those magical moments are! They bring light to our lives and nurture our souls. During those moments, nothing matters and nothing is impossible. Deep inside we sense that such moments are for us natural. That is when we feel great and sweet. In such moments, we know with clarity who we really are.

Are you longing to take a break this summer and enrich your life with nice experience? Are you looking forward to stopping at the next petrol station to fill yourself up with this nutritious turbo-fuel for the next stage of your journey to self-realization. The program we have prepared will help you increase your personal vibration. Your guides throughout the Celebration of Life will this time be Niraj (Mike Skillbeck), Surya Cinzia Donnoli, Maok, Lucie Kolaříková, Aneta Končulová, Monika Kubasová and Michal Kubasa, and others.

Do you feel the need to connect even more with your own sources of power? We have prepared for you various playful and joyful ways of finding and gathering Keys to the treasure box of your uniqueness. During the whole festival, a sacred fire will be ablaze, helping us to send our wishes and desires to the right addresses.You will have the opportunity to participate in an all-night vigilance ritual – Velacion, and visit the Office for registering children’s and adult’s dreams. What will certainly not be missing are evening concerts, Dance Parties, Biodanza, Trance dance, Self-realization Stage, Creative workshop and Labyrinth of realization.

Create you unique Celebration of Life !



Party, celebration, dancing, fun, joy, music, drums, extasy!


Workshops wiht dancing, music, art, improvisation, playig, meditation or tantra.
Labyrint of realization

Labyrint of realization

We shall find wishes of our soul and heart
sacred fire

sacred fire

fire for delivery of our wishes


Life music, singing, improvisation, co-creating


Morning meditation, space for quiet, peace and relax
In the heart of nature

In the heart of nature

Gifts and beauties of Mother Earth near Orlicke hory Mountains
Children's corner

Children's corner

Playful and rich program for your little angels


Guides of Summer Celebration of Life

There will be very experienced and talented teachers and musicians as your guides for the festival. They already hold a vision of Celebration of Life in their hearts and are contributing with their special talents.  Magic will happen when magicians are around…


Meditate with the sound of live music..

Maok (Slovakia)

Music, voice, meditation

Just be in love with yourself...

Lucka Kolaříková (Czech republic)

Loving yourself

Be in contact with yourself

Surya Cinzia Donnoli (Italy)

The path to woman's soul

Integrate changes into your life!

Niraj (Mike) Skillbeck (ENGLAND)

Selfexpresion and fun

Through our mind and heart we create the world

Michal Kubasa (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Connection and spreading of joy

The genuine change begins with the relaxation


Yoga and massages

Connection in dance and motherhood

Aneta Končulová (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Discover your Dance of Life

Personal mandala and creating with clay


Creativity in connection with nature

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Sudislav na Orlicí

2 h by car from Prague, 1 h 40  min from Brno, z Brna, easy to reach by train

The Celebration of Life 2015 is hosted by the centre Kubasova chalupa – a family homestead reconstructed as a centre for meeting and connection. Accommodation will be inside in dorms and outside in tents, in close connection with surrounding nature. Those who used to spend summers in children’s camps will find this way familiar 🙂

Inside the cottage, there are beautiful garret spaces, rooms and halls, a meditation room, a tearoom, a closed cosy inner yard, all surrounded by meadows and gardens.