Celebrate your Life



 Documentary from the New Year’s Eve Celebration of Life 2014

We are very happy to introduce a documentary created from the unique atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve Celebration of Life 2014, produced for us with love by Katka Kaomanaka. Let us return to this sweet loving energy and let’s be inspired by the deep wisdom of the guides talking about how to celebrate life in our lives.

Katka Kaomanaka


photo„I love finding ways to my heart, to the stream of love, abundance and joy. My vision is to create inspiring and supporting movies, videos and interviews that will speak to as many people as possible. Are you organizing a workshop in the field of personal development, constellations, tantra, meditations, shamanism or similar topic, and would you like to have a movie or a video made about it or about you? Feel free to contact me. Thank you and have a great celebration of the every day :)”






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You can also support Katka’s work by sending any amount of money to the bank account 670100- 2212573803/6210. The Celebration of Life sponsored Katka’s work by 10 000 CZK.