NYE Celebration

28.12. 2014 – 2.1. 2015 near Prague, CZ

join the international community and spend the last days of the year in a joyful and meaningful way

Do you want a different experience this New Year? Are you looking for an alternative to mainstream celebrations based on meal and alcohol? Celebration of Life offers colourful and meaningful programme that will satisfy you, as well as your friends, family, and children. On our menu, you can find celebrations, parties, self-developmental workshops, concerts, meditations, exercises, rites of passage, coaching, and much more. We will take care of your children, too!

Do you need to stop and relax? Do you want to have nice time without stress, have time for yourself, reflect about what happened during the last year, and step into the new year fresh and relaxed? At workshops of Celebration of Life, you can rest, look back, and let go of everything that you no longer wish to carry into the new year. You can give your body the nutrition and health care that it needs.

Are you ready to actively create your life? Do you already live as creators fulfilling their own wishes, and the end of the year means for you another step on your journey? Are you in the beginning of a new chapter of your life, longing for inspiration and support? Or are you actually feeling unsure, tired, and confused, looking for a way out? At Celebration of Life, you can make use of the presence of experienced guides, teachers, and coaches to move your life a step further.

Czech republic is cheap and easy to reach!

Celebration of Life happens in Hotel Lions Nesuchyně, a **** hotel, 30mins ride from Prague Airport. You only need to take a plane or train to Prague and we will pick you up and drive you to the venue. The price for accommodation in a**** double room including full vegetarian diet starts at EUR 30 a day!

Mix up for yourself an unique Celebration of Life!

250 like-minded people will spend 5 days as they only wish. You too can be part of it and choose your program completely according to your own taste.



Party, celebration, dance,entertainment, joy, music, drums, extasy!


Dance, music, art, impro, joyful, shamanic, meditation and tantric and creative workshops.
Live music

Live music

Live music concerts, voice, impro, dance and co-creation.



Morning meditation, meditation corner, space for silence, piece and relaxation.



Cosy corners for resting with friends, healthy refreshments, charming music.

Love temple

Love temple

Magical temple with captivating music, where both love and passion grows freely…

Sauna and jacuzzi

Sauna and jacuzzi

Sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, and massages for pleasure and pampering of your body

Kid's corner

Kid's corner

Playful and varied programme for your little ones …

Celebration of Life: PROGRAMME

The programme is in progress and will be adujsted until the last moment – changes guaranteed 🙂 Some events will emerge from the festival energy – trust the mystery!

Sun 28. 12.


Hands in a circle


Arrival and registration


Opening ceremony

(live music – Maok; programme – Gábi, Andrew, Guy, Dorit, Steven)

Mon 29. 12.



Early birds:

Yoga (Jayananda)



Biodanza (Guy)

Oneness movement (Steven)

Voice jam (Maok)


Holding or letting go? (Dorit)

Releasing core wounds (Yve)

Tantric body de-armouring (Andrew)



(with teachers and live music)

Tue 30. 12.



Early birds:

Yoga (Jayananda)



Oneness movement (Steven)

Create your mandala (Eva)

Heal and accept yourSELF (Gábi)


The path of the man (Jan B.)

The path of the woman (Bára, Lucie)


Reconnection of men and women (Jan B. a Bára N.)


Wed 31. 12.



Early bird:

Yoga (Jayananda)


Festive brunch



Creativity for Life (Guy)

Now or never? (Dorit)

Vision Board (Coaching)

Late afternoon:

Feeling safe to celebrate (Ywe)



Festive dinner

Talent show

Vision dance

Shared vision for our world

Shamanic transition ceremony (Dorit and Guy)

Dance party (all DJ’s and guides)

Thu 1. 1.


viele bemalte bunte Kinderhände

Early birds:

Yoga (Jayananda)


All day:



– sauna, wellness

-yoga, acro yoga

– discussions, talks

– massage, relax

– your own workshops

– funny bazaar

Late afternoon:

Energy orgasm (Andrew)

Tribal Trance Dance (Guy)


Play Party (Andrew)

Live concert (Steven, Maok)


Fri 2. 1.



Early birds:

Yoga (Jayananda)



Closing Ceremony

– singing, dancing, hugging ..

After lunch:

Good bye!

Andrew Barnes about the Celebration

Why does Andrew like festivals? What is he offering this time? Watch the interview of the festival organizers with Andrew, one of the core guides of Celebration of Life.


At Celebration of Life, we shall walk a meaningful path leading out of the current year into the year of 2015. The Celebration shall begin with welcoming festive ceremony on Sunday evening. On Monday, there will be time for stopping, looking back, and letting go of the things that no longer serve us. Tuesday will be the day of acceptance of our past and of thankfulness for the things that life offers to us. On Wednesday, we shall open ourselves to inspiration – desires, wishes, and dreams about our further journey. We shall formulate our visions, concrete declarations about things that we are ready to experience in the forthcoming year. After New Year’s Eve midnight ritual, during which we shall ask that all our wishes come true, a merry celebration will follow. The Celebration of Life will continue during the whole First of January day by different sorts of (non)activities for pleasure and joy  – the way you are on New Year\’s day is the way you tend to be all the rest of the year long! We shall say goodbye on January 2 by a closing ceremony and ritual of thanksgiving.

The time after Christmas, the several days before coming of the new year, invites us to come to a halt. To stop working, leave activity and creation, and make space and time for ourselves.   „If your desires, hopes, and dreams fade, it is good. Their disappearance makes way to a new peace and acceptance of that what is, and you are able to welcome this process as never before. Enjoy this slowing down, calming down, and recognition that you are at home.“ OSHO   We shall spend the first evening of Celebration of Life all together. We will consciously step into the space where it is welcomed to stop, rest, and perceive oneself and everything that is happening in us at present moment. There are no expectations about the way how we should be in that space. We shall be together, welcome each other, and let the time and life in us flow freely. For the whole five days and nights, there will be a quiet zone open, where we will have opportunity to rest without words and stop. On every morning, a meditation will take place, leading us into the inner space and peace.

To be able to freely step into a new chapter of life and to open to the future, we need to accept our past and leave things that no longer serve us. To rejoice at and draw on beautiful experiences, and to feel sadness for the things that hurt us. To give up everything that we no longer need to carry as a burden, and thus make space for new possibilities.   „It\’s time to face up to the fact that the past is gone, and any effort to repeat it is a sure way to stay stuck in old blueprints that you would have already outgrown if you hadn\’t been so busy clinging to what you have already been through. Take a deep breath, put the box down, tie it up in a pretty ribbon if you must, and bid it a fond and reverent farewell. Life is passing you by, and you\’re in danger of becoming an old fossil before your time!“ OSHO   The teachers will pepare for you workshops, at which you may heal old wounds and identify things that no longer serve you and let them go. On Monday, the RITUAL OF LETTING GO will take place, where we all together, with support of all teachers, musicians and participants, will say our final GOOD BYE to the things that we need to let go of.

At the Celebration of Life we create community, in which we mutually inspire each other. We wish that everyone of us – participants, teachers, translators, assistants – expressed his or her own purest self and release the flow of his or her infinite potential. If we manage to be in our strength and truthfulness, if we allow ourselves to express and celebrate ourselves as fully as possible, we shall mutually inspire each other. Thus the trust in the whole community grows, we strengthen each other, and we accelerate our development as a whole.

„If you are now feeling that „enough is enough,“ allow yourself to take the risk of shattering the old patterns and limitations that have kept your energy from flowing. In doing so you will be amazed at the vitality and empowerment this Breakthrough can bring to your life.“ OSHO   You shall be guided through the Celebration by inspiring figures from all over the world, who will share their talent and wisdom with you. During the New Year’s Eve, every participant will get space to express his or her own uniqueness in our ceremonial talent-show.

Vision is an expression of our own will and individuality, as well as a wish to serve to the whole. Vision is based on our values. It connects our wishes with that what the world asks from us. Clear and spoken out vision accelerates growth, leads us back on our path when we get lost, and gives us hope and trust.   „Because you have grown more loving towards yourself, more self-contained, you can work easily with others. Because you are relaxed and at ease, you can recognize possibilities as they present themselves, sometimes even before others can see them. Because you are in tune with your own nature, you understand that existence is providing you with exactly what you need. Enjoy the flight!“ OSHO   The day of New Year’s Eve will be dedicated to new visions. Under guidance of teachers, shamans, and magicians, everyone of us shall create his or her own unique vision of the desired way of living in the forthcoming year, and of things that he or she would like to create and pull into life. There will be a selection of several workshops, offering different unique ways of creating a vision.

Celebration of Life is a space where we celebrate every moment of our life. Celebration does not mean only mirth and joy, it means abundance, thankfulness, humility, creativity, and truthfulness. We can let any moment pass by without noticing it, or we can thankfully celebrate it. Why? Because we are alive!!!   „When thousands and thousands of people around the earth are celebrating, singing, dancing, ecstatic, drunk with the divine, there is no possibility of any global suicide. With such festivity and with such laughter, with such sanity and health, with such naturalness and spontaneity, how can there be a war?… Life has been given to you to create, and to rejoice, and to celebrate. When you cry and weep, when you are miserable, you are alone. When you celebrate, the whole existence participates with you. Only in celebration do we meet the ultimate, the eternal. Only in celebration do we go beyond the circle of birth and death.“  OSHO One year ends, another begins, and both mean a reason for celebration. On New Year’s Eve, we will prepare for you a festive dinner with many surprises, show pieces, and performances. If you would like to participate on it, take part in our talent show and contribute thus to entertainment and mirth. At midnight, a rich New Year’s Eve Celebration will start, with lots of music, dance and entertainment, continuing until January 2.





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Guides of NYE Celebration of Life

There will be very experienced and talented teachers and musicians as your guides for the festival. They already hold a vision of Celebration of Life in their hearts and are contributing with their special talents.  Magic will happen when magicians are around…


Meditate with the sound of live music...

Maok (Slovakia)

Music, voice and meditation

Find your vision...

Guy Barrington (England)

Shamanism and vision
Oslava Zivota_Dorit Bat-Shalom

Become the Creator!

Dorit Bat-Shalom (Israel)

Art and creativity

Wake up your passion!

Andrew Barnes (Australia)

Joy and pleasure
Oslava Života_Steven Walters small

Enjoy the beauty of present moment...

Steven Walters (USA)

Voice and improvization
Gabriela Dušková

Listen to your heart

Gabriela Dušková (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Recollection and sacred geometry

Wake up you masculine nature


Manhood and constellations

Honor your femininity

Barbora Nádvorníková (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Womanhood and rituals

Just be in love with yourself

Lucie Kolaříková (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Loving yourself

Connect with the deep wisdom in yourself

Yve Bowen (ENGLAND)

Spritiual coaching

The real change begins with relaxation



Create your personal mandala



Pamper yourself with an extra care

NYE Celebration of Life takes place in Resort Hotel Lions Nesuchyně. You can expect superior accommodation in rooms with 4star comfort. You can choose 2 or 3-bedded room and VIP suite.


The ceremonial halls and conference rooms with their convenience, atmosphere and cleanliness will encourage you to celebrating of life. What do you say:

Don’t hesitate and join us now!

We highly recommend to book soon. As the one and only event of that kind in the heart of Europe, The NYE Celebration is going to be be a sold out event. If you are quick, you may make a reservation of advantageous package consisting of high-class accomodation and full vegetarian board at an unmatched price of 650CZK (cca 24 EUR) for one person and night or you might be lucky to get our of the last VIP rooms with privacy and extra care.

  • Food and accomodation from

  • EUR24/person/night
    • Premium 3-bed room
    • Private bathroom
    • Full vegetarian board

  • Admission tickets

  • EUR220/person
    • 5-days full programme
    • all translated into English






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