New Year’s Eve Celebration – meeting of Guides from all over the World

Šárka Kmochová, 27. July 2014

vizeHow to choose a guide for Celebration of Life?
With Aneta Končulová, we started to ask ourselves this question when e-mails of potential teachers started to pile up in our inbox. So many gifted teachers, who have so much to give. But to whom shall we say „yes“, and to whom „no“? We went back to our vision of the New Year’s Eve Celebration, and on its base we defined the qualities that we would like to have in our teacher’s team. We published the vision and waited for things to happen.

andrewAndrew Barnes: through healing to ectasy, playfulness, and freedom
I met Andrew for the first time last Summer at Concious Sexuality Festival in English centre Osho Leela, where he was offering short healing workshops focused on release of emotional blockages, work with energetic body, and also wild play parties on evenings. From the first moment, I became fascinated by the fact that his work combined scientific research, Eastern wisdom, and free approach to joy, sexuality, and pleasure. After attaining his workshop Energetic orgasm (see photo) in became clear for me, that I would have to bring his work into Czech republic. In April, several Andrew’s evening seminars and one weekend workshop were sold out, and he gave public lecture to several hundreds of people at the festival Evolution and created great wave of positive and inspirational energy around himself. Who else than Andrew should be guiding us on the journey of joy and freedom during NYE Celebration?

doritThe wise „elder“ Dorit Bat-Shalom from Israel
„Now is the time when we must awaken. Not only us older ones, but us older ones for the young ones .. to awaken into a new world. And the new generation that is coming is clear and transparent as a crystal – it is unsullied wisdom,“ says Dorit while looking in the eyes of eght-years-old Tobiáš, son of Aneta. „Thaks to the new generation, a great change of the world is possible – change of education, business, and society, economical system, and so on. It is a lot of work.“
We are sitting with Anet, small Tobiáš and Dorit in the Maitrea restaurant, sucking in her wisdom and experience as sponges. In the presence of a woman who alredy has four grand-children, I am feeling greatly humble. I am aware of the fact how young I am, still beginning, and how beneficial it is to feel supported by a woman of so much experience, abound with willingness to share it. In the times of communist regime, our women had been weakened and access to knowledge and spirituality had been denied to most of them. And us, young and just awakening girls, now long for support of elders and experienced ones, but we feel that we are short of them. Dorit suggests that she would help us to found such net of elder women in Czech republic. I am so touched that I feel like crying.


Soul of Steven Walters called me into silence on last New Year’s Eve
I spent last New Year’s Eve at the festival in Swedish centre Angsbacka, together with two hundreds of similarly tuned people from all around the world. It was enough to hear two chords from Steven Walters‘ guitar for the whole crowd of participants to grow silent, and the two hundred beings rested in peace and presence. Through his music, Steven’s humble and healing energy touched our hearts, and tears of emotion had been shed during his concerts. And with the tears came the realization of how important it is to have at these large festivals the guides who are able to lead us from the ecstatic intoxication of the outer world back to ourselves and inwards, into the conscious presence and calm harmony. And so Steven may be right now buying his air ticket from California to the heart of Europe.


SD02Gabriela Dušková heals through sacred geometry
My partner Tomáš recommended Gabriela Dušková as a gentle and loving woman with ability to create a profoundly healing space. In July, she invited us to spend a weekend with her in her small house in the shape of sacred Vesica. In the first moment of my entering its centre, „something“ started to happen in me. Throughout the whole night, my body had been working at full speed – I was having dreams about sacred shapes and circles, and many curious body sensations. In the morning I understood that a strong clearing proces was going on in me, one that finally led me into solitude in the woods, where I had been crying intensly for a long time, until „it“ released. I do not know what it was, but it was strong and healing. When I Imagine Gabriela creating such space at the Celebration of Life, I’am looking forward greatly, as well as trembling.

MAOK-346x346Maok – human being (?) from other dimensions
When my best friend Marek played to me Maok’s music for the first time, it was during a gentle intimate massage and I suddenly felt as if I were in a different world. It was as if I were falling down into unexplored dimensions beyond the earthly one, where soul levitates in an ungraspable time-space. How can a human being create such music at all? He is probably not human, I answered to myself, but a creature from other dimensions, sent to our Earth to complete some profound mission. If Maok is human being, then for me he is the highest example of realized human potential. Beautiful both on physical and soul level, healthy and handsome, proud and humble, being in the right place, bringing into the world exactly what he was called up to – with lightness, joy, and charm. I feel honoured by the fact that he is coming again to the Celebration of Life to share his gift with us. Thanks!!!

guyIt is impossible to dance half-heartedly with Guy Barrington!
I met Guy for the first time at the shamanic-tantric festival in England. His son Juan, that time five years old, had been gamboling around him. He had been freely enjoying the atmosphere and celebration, taking his part during rituals and workshops, running barefoot and naked for the whole day, painted as an native American. And in the meanwhile, his daddy had been peacefully and with joy and open heart leading the whole festival. From time to time, Juan jumped and caught him around his neck during workshop, and Guy was so loving, relaxed, and strong that he was able to give to the whole group as well as to his son. Once Guy said: „Children are wise beings in small bodies.“ He constantly changes my view on children and parenthood, being great inspiration for me. They are both coming to the festival, and we are curious about the way how Juan will make understanding with Czech children in our creative nook. Guy is a dancer and shaman with strong connection to higher guidance. At the Celebration of Life, he shall lead workshops of ecstatic dance, rites of passage, and will offer his new approach „Rites of Love“. Once you step into his field, the dance will COMPLETELY take you over and you shall be wondering what things is your body capable of doing. With Guy, it is impossible to dance half-heartedly. With him, fireworks are bursting!

These are the 6 main guides through the Celebration of Life who promised to come together on December 27 in Czech republic, attune to a shared intention, and guide you through the transit from the year 2014 to the year 2015. You shall meet also other guides who will come to lead parts of the programme – for example Lucie Kolaříková, Barbora Nádvorníková, and Jan Bílý.

To whom are you looking forward most? With whom did you already have experience?