The NYE Celebration of Life approaches quickly, and we had opportunity to try out what the festival will offer to us by the end of the year. Andrew Barnes, Australian sexuologist and tantra teacher, came to Prague and offered a taste of his art of awakening natural sexuality in all of us at the experiential evening workshop named „The Celebration of Bliss“

DSCN2777The Celebration of Bliss was a unique opportunity to take part in sacred ritual with pure raw cocoa, which can have opening influence on heart chakra, and thus on everything that comes out along with love. Many of us were surprised by the intense strong taste of the cocoa, but ater few sips our taste buds adjusted to its unusual taste and we all really enjoyed drinking it. During the cocoa ritual, Andrew asked us to chat during the time of playful conversation with at least three
participants that had been yet unknown to us. In this task, the subtle but intense effects of cocoa manifested through the fact that all conversations were fluent, natural, relaxed, and very friendly.

After finishing our cocoa cups, the orgasmic meditation of breath and dance awaited us. In the beginning, we had opportunity to feel the mutual closeness in conjoint hug, and then eveyryone found his or her place to be. Andrew led us both gently and in very encouraging way through the meditation, in which we were awakening our vital sexual energy through our breathing and then dancing. There were several tracks with dynamic rhythm exchanging place with silence, in which we focused only on ourselves and our breath. We were allowed to dance wildly with others, or just on our own, everyone according to his or her actual feelings. The basic rule of the whole evening was to accept wishes and needs of all participants, and in the first place one’s own. With the slower tracks at the end of the music set, the swirling wild energy started to become more subtle in a very obvious way. The last phase of the meditation consisted of connecting the first chakra and the heart chakra through mere deep breathing, directed at first to the first chakra, and later to the belly. The subtle vibrations started to permeate our bodies, and many of us had the opportunity to really feel the connection of the chakras. After filling up our heart chakra with subtle vibrating energy, we led that energy up to the fifth, sixth, and finally to the seventh, crown chakra; in that moment our bodies had some extatic experiences.

After the meditation, we could fully open ourselves to our actual moods at the play party, where everyone could explore his or her own boundaries and desires. There was space for mere hugs, talking, caressing, or even going further…till the point to which our needs and desires had led us, with natural respect to feelings and wishes of our partners.

The Celebration of Bliss with Andrew Barnes enabled everyone to make one more step to oneself and recognition of one’s boundaries, limits, and expectations or needs that we all have in ourselves – all that in loving atmosphere.
If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet Andrew Barnes and experience his gentle work with awakening of the heart and sexuality, you may try it out by the end of the year at the New Year’s Eve Celebration of Life, where another profound and intimate experience under his guidance certainly awaits us.
To read more about Andrew and his work, go to his website or see the video of his lecture on „Love and Sexuality“.