Guy Barrington: What makes us attractive?

Sure appearance can have something to do with it. It’s important to take care of our bodies, our health, to feel comfortable in our own skin, to wear colours and styles that feel good and suit us…And, the way we Love ourselves is a tangable phenomena that can be felt, sensed and known in the energy field that surrounds us.

Our Self Love creates magnetism, and creates radiance, which emerges from within. At an unconscious level people pick up on these signals, feel the resonance, are drawn into the „Love Field“, because it reminds them who they really are.

Appearance is something to be maintained, Truth is something ever sustained…

and the more true we are, the more radiant we are, the more aware of our expression, communication, more sensitive to what we feel good wearing, more in touch with how we wish to appear. It all flows together.

Contrast this with the manipulated ideas around attractiveness, the expectation, the standards, the pressure to be something, to look a certain way, to be fashionable, all following ideas that come from outside in.

In my view/feel attractiveness is an inside job, not dependent on another calling you attractive or loving you.

When you realize the Beauty and Love you are the flower attracts the bee without effort…