Guy Barrington: Pursuit of Love

My whole life I’ve been busy in the pursuit of Love…

I saw Her trampolining on a beach in France when I was 6 then at the village disco, then in a Meditation Master, an Alchemist, a trance Channel, then through Bhajans. I met Her on the dance floor, through my drum, on the top of a mountain, in the jungle and desert. Then through a multitude of goddesses…She is everywhere to be found.

Oddly the last place I thought to look was inside myself! She’s always been here, closer than breathing, yet being soo busy in the chase outside, hot on the pursuit of Love, I didn’t notice that what I sought I already am. I AM THE LOVE I ‚VE BEEN SEEKING!

The ‚other‘ in my Journey has been a mirror, a reminder, a guide, an invitation to see myself again and again. The other is also an independent vibrant expression of their own realization of Love, which makes them so attractive.

In this regard, a relationship is a bit like an apprenticeship. We are drawn to people who will catalyse the healing of our wounds, who will inspire us, who will be our play friends, bring us Joy, make us feel safe, wake us up…

…AND, it becomes tempting to fall asleep, to forget to do the inner Work, to become lazy, reliant, dependent, to let the ‚other‘ carry our emotional body, make our decisions, be our intuition…

I’m learning to realise that She is in me and in you. When we meet we are co~facilitating awakening, remembering, activating blocks, clarifying Truth, because we both have the deepest desire to really meet, to really be met in the Truth of the Love that we are.

Love recognises itself and meets itself in the vibrational field. This can be the dance of the encounter if we stay True.

The rules, commitment, vows, promises, expectations, demands can all be a big distraction. Dropping these, remembering we are here on Earth in The School of Love awakening to itSelf, so we start to co~facilitate our deepest desire to Be the Love that we are.

I am nobody’s possession, I belong to Love. If relating brings us Home to this it is a liberation, if not it can bind us and be a prison.