Dorit Bat-Shalom

DoritDorit is a multimedia artist from Israel. She has been working in the theatre and also ceremonial theatre and theatre of the soul. She is part of the Council of the Grandmothers, Women of Vision, The Peace Tent, Sarah’s Tent and Hagar, which all aim to bring more peace on earth. She has lived with Native Americans for seven years where she started to work with rite of passage rituals. She has founded Red Path where she organizes journeys for woman to Native Americans in New Mexico. She is also part of School of Wisdom which is acquainting women with mysticism.


“As a part of the Council of the Grandmothers, I am totally committed in investing into creating the new healthy wise place for the new generation. And I feel like I am totally committed to be the change that I want in the world. That is why I go wherever people get together for the sake of creating more love and more harmony in the world without being stuck in violence and repression. I come from a place with so much violence and people there are still in the old ways of: “this is mine, this is yours, revenge, I will prove to you, I will show you, we are the best, you started it,…” this whole old conversation that used to be here long time ago is still playing a role in my region and I feel like we have to connect right now, not just the elders, but the elders for the young ones, to awaken to the new world. And the new generation that is coming is already all crystal and just pure. You are wisdom that we need to follow to make a change in the world, from education to companies, to money to understanding male and female concepts, to everything, because there is a lot to do. So this is why I am here, to help people to remember and to take responsibility, to go out from the victimhood and to go to the new place where you are committed fully and fully present to the new world. We have so much to do, we have to create new schools, we have to create new education, we have to create new food… So I will come wherever I can remind and support and help and touch people’s hearts and that is why I am here.


There is a reason in every cycle in the world and the cycles of the year are very important. New Year is a clear time of birthing in term of the cycle because it is where the entire world starts. It means that in winter, in the darkest of the dark you have to start to awake in to the first beginning of the new light of the new year and it is so powerful. There are so many stories about Christmas within all the nations creating this time special, because it is a mark on the planet. I love ceremonies, because they are like treasure, it is a clear gate that you pass from one time to another and it is marked. Everything is a cycle – cycles of the moon, cycles of the sun, cycle of the woman. And there are traditions that work with different cycles. The 31st is the cycle of the sun. So this specific cycle give us an invitation to pass from one time to a new one and to sow the seeds for the next year. This is a time to claim it, to announce it, to witness it, to declare it to the world – this is what I am going to do and it is huge. And we need each other to be able to witness and to remind each other not to forget, because the problem in our journey is that sometimes we continue life and life takes us and we forget. So with witnesses and with ceremonies we agree to hold each other for the year, to give the reflection, to promise to help and support each other. And the other important thing; when we are witnessing, we see each other in the full potential of who we fully are, we don’t come with shame and with judging, we just see the true essence of each other. When we are in that field we can grow and we can bring more life and we can shine and we can do the change we want in the world.

It is important to allow ourselves to drop all the ego bullshit and to be fully present in the highest form of who we are. If in the beginning of the year we stand together, we witness each other, we hold each other and we create the network that is a web that we are now living, the whole energy of the year is going to be different.”