The Celebration of Life offers programme also for your children!

100617_arnostka_3framed (1)The end of the year is the time when you wish to be with people that are closest to you. Do not hesitate to bring your children with you to the Celebration of Life! We shall work with children in a conscious and sensitive way and integrate them into the whole of Celebration of Life. We have gathered an experienced team that will not only look after your kids during the main part of the programme of the New Year’s Eve Celebration, but will also prepare entertainment and lots of games for them.r.


Who will look after your dearest ones?

Arnoštka Berousková, M.A.


Arnoštka will be a guarantee and a head of our Crèche & Kids corner. She is mother of four children who were born at home, graduated and working in the field of special education, with therapeutic focus. She is reputable lecturer of courses in Prague. She runs Circles for parents with children, which are focused on leading parents to a more profound perception of parenthood and to responsibility for one’s own development. When working with children, she uses only tools made of natural  materials and instruments of Music Therapy. Her work is based on the activities that ground a child (and/or person) in real life. She works with folk literature, with focus on singing and perception of movement and rhythm. With older kids, she also uses elements of yoga for children.

  • Stay in the Crèche & Kids corner

  • CZK700 festival
    • Price for one child for the whole time of the festival,

    • The Crèche & Kids corner shall be available in the times of the main morning and afternoon workshops, i.e. up to 6 hours per 1 day

  • Individual babysitting

  • CZK100 hour
    • Price for one hour of babysitting taking place out of the opening hours of the Crèche & Kids corner
    • Necessary to arrange individually and make a reservation on the spot

How will things work in the Crèche & Kids corner?

The programme that Arnoštka is preparing will be suitable for children from babies to 10-years-old ones, and it will be opened if the minimal number of signed-up children is reached. With Arnoštka, there will be another experienced lecturer taking care of the children, and if they are many or with great age differences, also the voluntary helpers of the Celebration of Life may get involved.


The Crèche & Kids corner shall be open in the times of the main morning and afternoon workshops­, opening everytime 30 minutes before the beginning and closing 30 minutes after the end of the workshop. It is possible to have your kids there for 6 hours per 1 day (3 hours in the morning, and 3 hours in the afternoon). The flat rate price for the whole festival is 700 CZK, and it is solely up to you to what extent are you going to use Arnoštka’s exquisite programme for your little ones. The payment should be done by transfer to an account after signing up fot the New Year’s Eve Celebration of Life.


The Crèche & Kids corner shall not be open in the times of early morning meditations and evening programmes.


Individual babysitting out of the frame of the children’s nook is possible due to individual arrangement for the price  100 CZK/1 hour.

6na-houpacim-koniAnd what about accomodation and food for the children?

Children up to 3 years of age will be free of charge, older children shall pay a discounted price for food and accomodation. It is also possible to borrow a children’s cot, which is free of chargé for the four earliest signed-up children up to 3 years od age. For the rest of the children, the parents have to bring their own cot with them. After your sign-up, we shall let you know whether there is a cot for you available, or whether you need to bring your own with you


The full-board food shall be vegetarian and prepared by professional cooks. So even if your children are used to eating meat, you don’t need to worry about that. The meals shall be very rich, as well as very delicious, of course.


If you want to come to the NYE Celebration with children, please write it down into the „Comments“ space in the registration form when signing up.

  • Children up to 3 years of age

  • 0festival
    • A child up to 3 years of age with no claim for a bed
    • Possibility of free borrowing of a chilren’s cot
    • Vegetarian full board
    • Including use of the Crèche & Kids corner, the overall price for the whole festival is 700 CZK

  • Children from 3 to 10 years of age

  • CZK2000festival
    • Five nights for 400 CZK per 1 night
    • Extra bed is not possible, please specify in the registration form if the child needs its own bed
    • Vegetarian full board
    • Including use of the Crèche & Kids corner, the overall price for the whole festival is 2700 CZK

  • Children over 10 years of age

  • CZK4000festival
    • Five nights for 800 CZK per 1 night
    • Extra bed is not possible, the price includes own bed
    • Vegetarian full board
    • Including use of the Crèche & Kids corner, the overall price for the whole festival is 4700 CZK