5-day program + accommodation + full board = from 8 750 CZK (ca. 322 EUR)

That is 1750 CZK a day = ca. 65 EUR a day all inclusive!

The price varies with your choice of the room. For details see below.

Administration fee CZK 300 if you register after Dec 22nd.


The price for 5-day festival program is 5 500 CZK (220 EUR)

Administration fee CZK 300 if you register after Dec 22nd.

The price includes the festival programme (opening and closing ceremony, meditations, morning and afternoon workshops, transition ceremonies, parties etc). Sauna, wellness and individual sessions are to be paid extra.

The price for five nights in hotel with full vegetarian board varies from 650 CZK/per/day to 1200 CZK/per/day.

The price varies according to the standard of hotel accommodation (from luxury VIP apartment to triple room). It includes full vegetarian board in every variant.

Double-bed room

High quality room with own bathroom. Four-star standard for the most participants at an unbeatable price. The ideal option for couples pairs of friends. Altogether there are 68 rooms available.
Price includes full vegetarian board.

800 CZK/per/day

(ca. 30 EUR/per/day)

4.000 CZK/per/festival

Triple-bed room


High quality spacious rooms with own bathroom. Ideal for friends, singles, or those who register as one person. Altogether there are 13 rooms available.

Price includes full vegetarian board.

650 CZK/per/day

(ca. 24 EUR/per/day)

3.250 CZK/per/festival

Hotel suite

Hotel suite consists of 2 double-bed rooms and bathroom, altogether for 4 people. Great accomodation for a group of friends who wish to be together and favour their privacy and higher standard. Altogether there are 4 hotel suites available.
Price includes full vegetarian board.

950 CZK/per/day

(ca. 35 EUR/per/day)

4.750 CZK/per/festival

V.I.P. double-bed room


Luxurious double room with own bathroom. Ideal option for the more discerning clients who wish to be accomodated right in the middle of the festival action. The location of the rooms is central, yet they are silent and offering the maximum privacy. Altogether there are 4 VIP rooms available.
Price includes full vegetarian board.

1.200 CZK/per/day

(ca. 44 EUR/per/day)

6.000 CZK/per/festival


New Year’s Eve Celebration takes place in the Hotel Lions Nesuchyně. (www.stredisko-nesuchyne.cz). Nesuchyně is small village situated between the royal towns Rakovník and Slaný, half way between Prague and spa town Karlovy Vary. The centre caught our attention at first sight, and we believe that i tis the right place for our winter Celebration of Life. It contains many halls and lecture rooms, which will host colourful programme, and we will also make use of many pleasant corners for creating love temple, meditation room, chill-out room, etc. Right in the middle of the hotel, there is very spacious and cozy hall that will host the main programme of the New Year’s Eve. The programme will provide enough time for resting, so that you can enjoy the hotel swimming pool with counterflow, Finnish sauna or whirpool. You can cuddle your body also with healing baths, warm wraps, or rich offer of massages and other procedures. And if your vision of relaxation is somewhat different, it is possible to play bowling, table soccer, billiards, squash, badminton, or table tennis.


IMG_2609We will be preparing for you tasteful and high-quality food. Our guarantor of its quality is Daniela Mášová, who already cooked at our summer Celebration of Life 2013, and thanks to your feedback we know that you liked it. This time, Daniela will have team of experienced hotel cooks at her hand, and we believe that the results will really be delighting for all our senses!

Celebration with children

Children younger than three years of age will be free of charge, while older children will pay lower price for food and accommodation. In the hotel, it is also possible to borrow a baby bed.

We have found for you an experienced team who will not only babysit your children during your participation on the Celebration programme, but will also prepare a lot of games and fun for them. For more information about activities and prices for children see this page.

Registration form – New Year’s Celebration of Life

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come with a tent / caravan?

No. Speaking about the winter celebration, we neither recommend nor support such option :-). Unfortunately, coming with a caravan is also not possible, because electricity consumption of the venue already touches the local maximum, and connections for caravans are therefore not provided.

Can I come only for a weekend or one day, or only for the New Years Eve?

No. The whole festival is a guided journey with clearly defined beginning and end. We wish to keep the intimacy and depth of the whole group, without interrupting the conjoint adventure by attempts to integrate newcomers. Thak you for your understanding.

Can I have a special diet? (vegan, gluten free etc.)

Yes, we are able to arrange common types of diet, provided that you state your requirements already in the registration form. Last minute requests for a change (on spot) will not be possible. If necessary, please contact Tereza – tereza@oslavazivota.cz

Can I bring my own food?

We believe that we will offer you splendid meals for a good price, and will be glad to eat together with you. The price for accomodation contains also balanced vegetarian food. It is not possible to reduce this price in the case that you would not like to have the food.

How can I get to the venue by bus or train?

In the autumn, we will publish detailed information about transport. We will organize a bus from Prague to the venue, and back to Prague. The stops of the bus will be at the Main railway station and at the airport in Prague. If you plan to use it, please include this information into the registration form.

Do you know anyone who goes to the festival by car?

In the autumn, we will publish a travel forum where anyone will be allowed to insert his or her offer or demand for carpool.

Can I bring a child?

YES. During the whole festival, you can use the children’s nook with a special programme for children, even for English speaking ones. We shall gladly meet your needs. You can learn more here.

Can I bring a pet?

No. There are no pets allowed in the hotel. Please do respect this request. Thank you.

I feel attracted to the Celebration of Life, but I am also a bit afraid. Is it the right event for me?

Most probably you are not the only person feeling like that! Many people feel slightly afraid, especially those who are going to attend such event for the first time. It is quite natural, for entering unknown territory, going to a place where we haven’t been before, being among new people – all of that needs some courage, right? If our intuition whispers to us that a potentially profound experience awaits us, it usually contains a lot of energy. And such experiences force us to broaden our limits (without ignoring them, of course!). It may be a good idea to realize whether your feelings are closer to nervousness or horror. If it is the latter, than Celebration of Life probably wouldn‘t be the right experience for you. Simply trust your intuition!

I have never attended an event like this. Can I come?

YES! The programme is rich – you can make a satisfactory choice, even if you take part in such event for the very first time. During the festival, there will be no need of any advanced technique requiring previous knowledge or experience. You can choose a programme according to your taste. And moreover, if you are not in the right mood, no one will force you to do anything… For example, you may rest in sauna, swimming pool, or whirlpool.

Is the whole New Year’s Eve really alcohol-free?

YES. We have prepared for you a programme during which you won’t get bored and won’t even think about alcohol. The Celebration of Life is a conscious transit into the New Year – and because of that: let’s stay sober. Our wish is that there are no alcohol-influenced members in the group of celebrating people. For that reason, no alcohol will be available to buy in the whole area. If you really cannot imagine New Year’s Eve without alcohol, this event is probably not the right thing for you.

I am rather introverted, and coming into a group of 200 people feels a bit scary for me. Will I fit in?

YES! Entering and becoming part of the group is for some people a challenge. The first evening and next morning consist of exercises and workshops that make this profoundly easier. We are preparing the programme in the way that will support your connection with yourself and your current situation, so that you are able to create for yourself the kind of experience that you long for and need. The Celebration of Life is an opportunity to start training yourself in this without having to be anyone else than yourself.

Is Celebration of Life sexually oriented? Must I touch someone there?

NO. This is a hot question for many of the participants. And the purely natural answer is: NO! The Celebration of Life is a space where you can experience the whole range of ways how to celebrate, express yourself, be together. And being sexual is only one of the infinite spectrum of options! There is no reason why you should do anything what you do not want to do. Our rich programme  combines different methods of personal development: meditation, yoga, energetic exercises, contact improvisation, dance, shamanism, constellations, rituals, lectures, discussions … etc. If you are not interested in the topic of sexuality or contact with others, you can visit differently-oriented workshops during the whole festival. The most important rule of the Celebration is mutual respect to personal boundaries.
– Together with that, the Celebration of Life accepts human beings in their wholeness, including sexuality. For that reason, we are offering also several workshops dedicated to that topic, and won’t prevent sexual contacts between adults. For that sake we are also preparing a beautiful space – „Temple of Love“ – where people may sexually meet in a safe space.

I am homosexual/ lesbian/ different sexually oriented. Can I come?

YES. You are welcomed! We support all forms of self-expression and wish that everyone of us was allowed to be who he or she is, so that we can celebrate our uniqueness.

I would like to perform at the festival, or offer my service. Is it possible?

YES. The team of the teachers who will lead the main programme is already complete. But if you are going to attend the Celebration, you may engage in preparation of the New Year’s Evening and perform in our talent show. For example, you may prepare some sort of show, dance, performance, or entertainment… If this is attractive for you, write to us when signing up, and later we shall let you know about the possibilities.

Can I come with a partner/ without partner/ with friends / completely alone?

YES. You can attend the whole programme as a couple, or single. If you come as a couple, it is up to you, whether you will like to go through the same workshops and exercises together or separately. And if you come completely on your own, do not be afraid – already during the opening evening you will have opportunity to meet others. Most people are coming single or with friends, couples usually make some 30% of all participants.

In case of further questions please contact Tereza Dlabalova: tereza@oslavazivota.cz , +420 777 078 716



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