About Us

The Main Organizers

Oslava-zivota-Sarka-kmochovaŠárka Kmochová

Šárka Kmochová wishes that the beautiful discovering of various forms that life can take lasted forever. She loves the surprise, the creeps, the joy and excitement that take place when the fire of inspiration happens to flame up, when something purely original comes to being… She is thankful for every moment in which she is blessed with a unique meeting or enjoyment of a well-known cup of coffee. She devoted herself to living in truth and honesty to both herself and others, to making decisions based on love and authentic longing, and to gradual letting go of everything that roots in habits, laziness, cowardice, or fear.

Šárka enriches the Czech personal-development community with events of inspirational figures, who are concurrently her close friends, mentors and teachers. She cooperates with Alan Lowen, Andrew Barnes, London Faerie, Ruby May, and many others, as co-creator, lecturer, and organizer. She guides others as personal coach, facilitates experiential workshops, and takes delight in organising unusual and magical encounters, e.g. the experimental space Elsewhere, or festival Celebration of Life.


Oslava-zivota-Aneta-KonculovaAneta Končulová (roz. Langerová)

I am a woman, mother, freelancer, and occasional blogger. I like creating and realizing new, interesting, and meaningful projects, resonating with my heart and soul. I am curious and interested in the topic of satisfying and fulfilling life, partnership, and currently also motherhood. I have been learning and dicovering, looking for myself, and sharing the findings with others.

I like the colourfulness of life, and because of that I am not able to do only one single thing. I studied and experienced Biodanza for 3 years in England, and was the first person to introduce it in Czech Republic. I believe that it is deeply important for people to connect with themselves, with others, and with the world around us, and that is the reason why Biodanza is still amusing and fascinating me! I lead workshops of personal development for both individuals and organisations. Out of the craving for satisfying, playful, and genuine creative life, the project of Celebration of Life came into being, which is, for me and Šárka Kmochová, our conjoint passion, joy, and fulfillment.

With my husband Peter and son Tobíšek, we are moving out of Prague into a little village near Beroun in the Summer of 2014. I know that there are many new adventures ahead of us, and also many opportunities to Celebrate Life in all its colours!


The Mission of the Organisation Celebration of Life (Oslava Života s.r.o.)

Our mission is to inspire people to discover and fully live their potential and uniqueness. We create spaces where people can meet honestly and without masks, enrich, and mutually inspire each other to fully live and celebrate life. We wish each of us to find his or her own path to living in more celebrating and less surviving way, and to walk this path every day.

Through our activities, we are trying to contribute to positive development in our society. We would like to live in a society where everyone of us had opportunity to fully express him- or herself and where we as humans together took delight and enrichment from this energy. We imagine that we can walk this path as individuals, and simultaneously altogether hand in hand in harmony, joy, and love. Through realization of our potential, we may feel satisfied and happy and thus become an inspiration for the next generations.

Šárka Kmochová and Aneta Končulová, executive directors

History of the Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life was born as conjoint dream – in the beginning stood our wish to celebrate life and work on projects that are meaningful for us, as well as for others. For that reason, we wrote down a shared vision, opened ourselves to signals from the evironment … and eighteen months later, Celebration of Life took place – an international festival of tantra, dance, and live music. In July 2013, first turn of the four-day international tantrically-oriented festival took place, with 25 teachers from 10 countries coming to inspire us how to celebrate life, and not just survive in it. We enjoyed its preparation and organisation very much, received wonderful feedback from the participants, and therefore we continue creating similar kind of projects.

Let’s cherish the memories of the Celebration of Life 2013 summer festival!