7 Inspirations for Life

How to Improve Your Life, Work, and Relationships

7-part on-line series by Czech and worldwide inspiring figures

tips, recommendations, and pratical exercises for your joyful livng

Life is an endless source of inspiration: If we are open to new experiences, we can draw it frome evrything around us. From our close friends and family, from natural wisdom and animal nature, from history, and from current moment. Especially talented human beings have always been powerful source of inspiration for those around them … same way as teachers from the Celebration of Life who have generously decided to share with you their experinces in on-line series 7 Inspirations for Life. Set out on a journey through 7 chakras: naturalness, pleasure, joy, love, sharing, being, merging ..
The contributers of the series are: Mahasatvaa Sarita, Alan Lowen, Monika Sičová, Aneta Končulová, John Hawken, Šárka Kmochová, London Faerie, Ruby May .. and many more ..

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Excerpt from the series 7 inspirations for life

Andrew Barnes: Why Be in a Relationship?

There is so much focus in our society on relationships. Many people devote a lot of time to finding their ideal partner and then, when they do, to assessing their relationship and trying to improve it. When relationships die, we tend to pick over the corpse, trying to figure out where we went wrong and determining to never make the same mistakes again. But have you ever asked yourself the question why do you want to be in a relationship? When asked, most people are surprised to find this is something they have never really considered.

Relationships are just something that we do, and for many the answer to this question often ends up being that we want companionship. No matter what system of relating we choose — monogamy, polyamory or a new-paradigm partnership based on freedom, independence and individuality — we will never be able to avoid our internal feelings or avoid the constant experience of reflection that relationships create. We need to let the reflection in and lovingly be with and accept our feelings. Relationships are about mirroring unconscious aspects of self that we don’t wish, or are unable, to see. Regardless of the relationship structure we choose, like will always attract like, and based on our ibrational frequency we will always magnetise experiences and people who will help us recreate old patterns …

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